How to Navigate the Black Market
How to Navigate the Black Market

How to Navigate the Black Market

Where to Sign-in?

After you have reached the homepage of the Black Market simply click the top right button on the screen that says Sign in. If you are on a smaller device there will be a button in the top right that will open a menu for you to Sign in. If you are lost in the method to sign in please see the guide here.

Where to find what you own?

After signing in click on My Account which is located where the sign in button was. Select your Profile and then the Owned tab.

Where to search for items?

At the top of the homepage, there is a search bar. If you know what you are looking for, you can use it to search. If you are unsure of what to search for, click on Explore next to the search bar. You can then view by Collection or use the filters.

Where to purchase $DEFY?

On the homepage you will see that you can purchase $DEFY via Quickswap or Bybit. Click on those buttons if you are looking to purchase. If you want to know more or want to know how to purchase please read the guide here.

Require further assistance?

Feel free to contact our support team via #❓| ask-for-help on the Discord or drop us message using the Help Form 📩.