How to move $DEFY onto the DEFY App
How to move $DEFY onto the DEFY App

How to move $DEFY onto the DEFY App

This guide outlines straightforward steps to transfer your $DEFY onto the App. It's essential to follow this process because the $DEFY in your external wallet differs from what's stored in your in-app wallet.

Step 1 - Acquiring $DEFY in your Wallet

  1. If you have not done this already please follow the guides to purchase $DEFY:
    1. Purchase via ByBit:
    2. Purchase via Quickswap:
  2. Make sure the $DEFY is in the Wallet connected to your Game Account. You can see the Wallet address in the Settings of the App.

Step 2 - The Black Market

  1. Go to the Official DEFY Marketplace:
  2. Sign in. If you have issues signing in please refer to the Black Market Guide.
  3. Find the $DEFY Packet alternatively click here for the direct link.
  4. Depending on the price of the item you wish to acquire you may need to purchase multiple packets.

Step 3 - DEFY App

  1. Log into the DEFY App.
  2. Go into your Inventory and find the $DEFY Packet.
  3. After opening the packet you will be credited with the $DEFY in your in-game wallet.