NFTs / Digital Collectibles
NFTs / Digital Collectibles

NFTs / Digital Collectibles

What is the use case / utility of the Premium Mask NFT?

The DEFY Masks will be essential when you play the mobile game. They will be your avatar/identity, provide you with benefits and better utility compared to F2P generic masks. Down the line you can make upgrades to your Mask as you progress through missions, customising it to suit your style.

I have a DEFY Invite Card, what can I do with it?

The DEFY Invitation Cards do not provide any utility or use at the moment and are considered expired. We recommend keeping hold of the Invitation Cards though.

I just got myself a Mask! What do I do now?

Awesome, welcome to the DEFY Revolution! To gain the full experience of DEFY we would recommend joining our Discord. There will be group tasks in the Channels. Once there just verify that you have a DEFY Mask here: #✅ | wallet-verify and then you will gain access to the game channels and also where to download the game with guides here #☑︎ | start-here.

Need further assistance?

Feel free to contact our support team via #❓| ask-for-help on the Discord or drop us a message using the Help Form 📩.