Battle Pass
Battle Pass

Battle Pass

What is the DEFY Battle Pass?

The DEFY Battle Pass introduces a dynamic progression and reward mechanism. Holders of the Battle Pass are granted daily rewards through this system for a limited time. Please note the Battle Pass is time-limited, meaning that once it ends, the battle pass expires, and players can no longer earn the rewards.

Where can I purchase the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass can be purchase in the in-app store. Simply open the app and open the menu on the side and then click Store. You will find the Battle Pass here.

When does the Battle Pass start and end?

The Battle Pass rewards start to drop on the 15th of October. To be eligible for all the rewards be sure to purchase the battle pass before the 15th. The 28th of October will be the last day of rewards for the Battle Pass.

What If I join the Battle Pass late?

If you join the Battle Pass after it has started, you will miss out on rewards that were given earlier. But don't worry, the system is set up to offer even better items later on. So, even if you join a few days after it begins, you can still enjoy fantastic rewards and a great discount.

Mechanics of the System

Every day, a snapshot is captured of Battle Pass holders. It is crucial to have the Battle Pass within your wallet during the snapshot to qualify for rewards at the given moment. Snapshots are scheduled at 12:00 UTC+0 on the 15th of October till the 28th of October. Following each snapshot, rewards will be promptly distributed to eligible participants. Be sure to acquire the Battle Pass Early to maximise your rewards!